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W.H. Smith Strand

Decimo WHSmith Strand

Decimo Strand for W.H. Smith

3v (2x AA batteries).

Display is 8 digits, green vacuum fluorescent.

4 functions, %.

Integrated circuit: NEC uPD941C.

78 x 136 x 26 mm. (3" x 5.4" x 1").

Made in Japan.

The label on the rear says "Supplied exclusively to W.H. Smith by Decimo".
W.H. Smith is a British chain of newsagent, book, stationery, and music stores.

Note that this model is identical except labelling to the Decimo Strand version.

Decimo WHSmith Strand circuit board

The electronics inside, showing the vacuum-fluorescent display (VFD) in a single tube on the left, the edge of the keyboard in the middle, and the NEC uPD941C calculator chip on the right.

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