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Geller (Business Equipment) Ltd., of 15 Percy Street, London W1, was recorded in 1974 as a distributor in the UK for the range of electronic calculators from the Citizen Business Machines company of Japan.

However, the Geller name is also found on the Teal LE-8 calculator shown below,

Geller Teal LE-8

Geller Teal LE-8

Batteries: 6x AA (7.2v)

Display: 8 digits, red LED.

Functions: 4 functions.

Size: 74 x 142 x 31 mm / 2.9" x 5.6" x 1.2".

Manufacture: Made in Japan.

Date: About 1972.

This model can also be found without the Geller label as the Teal LE-8 "President", illustrated in the Calculator Manufacturers section of the Vintage Calculators site.

Vintage British Calculators

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