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Imperial & Royal

Imperial Typewriter Company Ltd. was formed in 1908 in Leicester, and became a very successful producer of typewriters.
In 1966 it was acquired by Litton Industries and merged with Litton's Royal Typewriter division.
The company sold mechanical calculators under the Imperial name, and electronic calculators were sold under both the Imperial and Royal names in the early to mid 1970s. The Imperial electronic models are largely identical to the Royal equivalent (and also the Triumph/Adler equivalent, since these were also part of Litton Industries).
The Leicester factory was closed in 1974 after a bitter labour dispute. The sales office continued until about 1989, having been renamed Imperial Business Equipment in 1975.


Known Imperial calculators:

Mechanical calculators:

Desk Electronic calculators:

Hand-held calculators (are similar to the corresponding Royal and Triumph-Adler models) :

Imperial hand-held calculators

Many Imperial hand-held calculators are of a similar boxy design which comes in three sizes, tiny, normal, and large, as shown above:

Hand-held electronic labelled "Royal" on the front, "Made in ... for Imperial Typewriter Company Limited" on the back (all similar to the corresponding Royal models) -

Click on an image for a larger pictures and technical details -

Office Master
Office Master Electric
Imperial 50PD
Imperial 860
Royal IC-130
Imperial 80CS
Imperial 81CS
Imperial 81M
Imperial 81SR
Imperial 90K
Imperial 90S
Imperial 91S
Imperial 91S
Imperial 92M
Imperial 94F
Imperial 99T
Imperial 1020
Imperial 1030
Imperial Companion
Imperial I.C.-90
Imperial Special
Royal Digital IV
Royal Digital V
Royal Digital 5-M
Royal Digital 5-T
Royal Five GT

Royal Mini Five

Royal Mini Five

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