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Royal IC-130

Royal IC-130

Royal IC-130

Display is 12 digits, green vacuum-fluorescent tubes, with half-height zero.


Main integrated circuits - Fairchild SL35085X (here date coded early 1972), NEC uPD354D (here date coded late 1971).

240v AC.

188 x 267 x 74 mm (7.4" x10.58" x 2.9").

Manufactured about early 1972.

Made in Japan,
For Imperial Typewriter Company, Leicester, United Kingdom.


Inside, showing the display board, with 12 blue vacuum-fluorscent tubes from Itron, and the main electronics board below..

Circuit board

The main electronics board with the white ceramic Fairchild chip on the left with the NEC chip to its right.
Other smaller chips are scattered around.

Royal Digital I calculator

The Royal Digital I, available in the U.S.A., appears to be very similar to the Royal IC-130, both externally and internally, but has a 10-digit display

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