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Although Hanimex had a large presence in Britain it is actually an Australian company and most Hanimex calculators of the 1970s were made in Hong Kong, and so its general calculators are not featured in this British Calculators section. However, one of the early models was made in the UK by Emihus Microelectronics and so is featured here.

Hanimex BC 808

Hanimex BC 808

Hanimex BC 808

4.5v (3x N batteries).

Display is 8 digits, red LED.

4 function, %.

73 x 148 x 23 mm (2.9" x 5.8" x 0.9").

"Made in U.K. by Emihus Microcomponents Limited, for Hanimex Corporation."

Advertised price in a magazine, April 1974, GBP £28.95 (approx US$70).


Round the back after removing the battery cover, showing the three size N cells, which are about 3/4 the size of an AA cell.


The label on the rear, showing manufacture by Emihus Microelectronics Limited.

Emihus Microelectronics was a joint venture between EMI (Electrical and Musical Industries) of the UK and Hughes Aircraft of the U.S.A., and based at Clive House, 12-18 Queen's Road, Weybridge, Surrey. The company was a major UK producer of LSI integrated circuits. It is reported that it manufactured this calculator model for Hanimex and then introduced its own Gemini range. This appears to be related to Gemine range shown on the Gemini page.

Vintage British Calculators

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