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Invicta Electronic Master Mind

Electronic Master Mind

Invicta Electronic Master Mind

This is a game where the machine selects a sequence of up to 5 random digits which are not shown. The player enters a guess of 5 digits which are displayed

When the [TRY] key is pressed the machine displays how many of the entered digits are the same as those it has selected, and how many are the same and in the same position.


Made in Hong Kong.

Invicta Master Mind

This is a version with a slightly less elaborate case. Here it has been set to use  a 3-digit number to be guessed.

Invicta Super-Sonic Electronic Master Mind

Super-Sonic Electronic Master Mind

Invicta Super-Sonic Electronic Master Mind

Similar to the normal Master Mind, but has a timer for giving a time-out, and makes noises as appropriate.

"Invicta Plastics" is a British manufacturer of plastics products and toys.

The company's website says that in 1978 Invicta won the Queen's Award to Industry for Export Achievement following the huge success of the company's internationally-acclaimed Mastermind®

There is a very long-running British, high-brow, television quiz programme called "Master Mind".

Simple versions of Master Mind were made comprising injection moulded boards and coloured pegs.

The headquarters of Invicta Plastics Ltd., Oadby, Leicester, England, in 2001. The company moved from here in 2009.

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