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Decimo Vatman Executive

Decimo Vatman Executive type 1

Decimo Vatman Executive type 1

Decimo Vatman Executive - type 1.

3V (2 x AA).

8 digits, red LED.

Integrated circuit - Texas Instruments TMS0802NC, here date coded to mid 1974. Note the 9 black transistors used to drive the current through the LED display segments, which is too large for this integrated circuit.

4 functions, %.

76 x 126 x 19 mm (3.0" x 5.0" x 0.75").

Made in Japan.

Decimo Vatman Executive type 2

Silver version
Black version

Silver keyboard version.

Black keyboard version.

Decimo Vatman Executive - type 2.

6V (4 x AA).

8 digits, green fluorescent in single tube.

4 functions, %, square root, memory.

83 mm x 130 mm x 28 mm (3.25" x 5.2" x 1.1").

Made in Japan.

The % key may be marked "VAT" for use in calculations of Value Added Tax within the EEC (European Economic Community).

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